Brussels is losing patience. Poland is facing criminal proceedings for its actions against Ukraine

Brussels is losing patience.  Poland is facing criminal proceedings for its actions against Ukraine

Poland is at risk of proceedings for violating EU law – according to unofficial findings. Brussels is losing patience, and the European Commission says that Warsaw is not doing enough to resolve the conflict on the border with Ukraine.

The announcement shows that the protest at the border crossings with Ukraine will continue. Representatives of Polish carriers announced that the latest talks with the authorities in Kiev did not result in a compromise. As they say, their demands are not taken into account.

The stalemate has been going on since November, and the crossings in Korczowa, Hrebenne and Dorohusk are blocked. What are drivers demanding? They want to restore the permit system for commercial transport; liquidation of the Echerga system and the green corridor for EU cars returning from Ukraine without goods, and suspension of companies with eastern capital until the origin of the capital is proven.

Carriers’ protest. There is a move by the European Commission

It is no secret that the problem has been noticed in Brussels, which – according to media reports – is losing patience. RMF FM informs that Poland is at risk of initiating criminal proceedings. – Polish authorities, under EU law, are obliged to ensure the free movement of Ukrainian trucks at border crossings – the European Commission spokesman told the station.

Although the EC does not want to officially talk about the penalties that Warsaw may face, the findings show that a procedure for violating EU law is being considered in connection with the Polish authorities’ violation of the provisions of the EU regulation on the liberalization of trade with Ukraine.

Poland faces penalties? It’s about Ukraine

The Ukrainian ministry rejects the drivers’ demands, but encourages further talks. This move has apparently also been noticed by Brussels, as the silence on the issue of penalties is said to be a result of the ongoing negotiations. It is not known when the next meeting will take place. This Monday brought no compromise.

The actions of the carriers were assessed in strong words by the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland. “This is a painful blow in the back of Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian aggression. Solidarity corridors between Ukraine and the EU are at risk. We call for an end to the border blockade!” – wrote Wasyl Zwarycz on the X platform.

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