A mysterious man at TVP headquarters? PiS MP: He doesn’t know if he has a gun

A mysterious man at TVP headquarters?  PiS MP: He doesn't know if he has a gun

PiS politicians inform about the incident at the TVP headquarters at pl. Warsaw insurgents. Sebastian Kaleta showed a recording of a man who allegedly “removed equipment” and “jerked it during the parliamentary inspection.”

An unusual incident occurred on Saturday at the headquarters of Telewizja Polska at Powstańców Warszawy Square in the capital. According to reports by Law and Justice politicians, a mysterious man appeared in the building to remove equipment. “Upstairs, it was being explained who was taking the equipment. The man enters, takes his bag and leaves. Nobody knows who it is. Everything goes into a private car,” said Paweł Szrot.

At the same time, Sebastian Kaleta described the situation on TVP. The PiS MP stated that “a man who wanted to take equipment out of the TVP building started tugging at me during the parliamentary inspection, as can be seen in the attached recording.” “After pushing him away, he slammed my hand in the door,” Kaleta reported.

Police intervention on TVP. PiS politicians write about “anarchization of law”

In turn, Jacek Ozdoba informs that the man “does not want to say who he is, does not know if he has a weapon, does not know if he is on business.” “He comes in and wants to take the cables. The police were called,” the MP added. The available recordings show that the MPs are not writing about the same person.

The police arrived on site. The officer assured that the intervention inside the building was ongoing at the same time. Jacek Ozdoba said that it was most likely another man, because the one who – in his opinion, requires identification from the police – was next to him. The officer replies that she will return to the building to find out what is happening. The politician was clearly surprised by her behavior.

Although the policewoman explained what she intended to do, Jacek Ozdoba said that “the police are running away from the place without procedure.” “They were ordered not to react. This is anarchization of law and irreversible legal consequences. It is an unprecedented situation when the PSL and PO government allows such extreme solutions,” added the PiS MP.

Criticism of Jacek Ozdoba’s actions. “This is not a parliamentary intervention”

There was an avalanche of comments on social media. Internet users point out, among others: attention that Ozdoba’s actions are not a parliamentary intervention, and the role of a parliamentarian is not to “accuss people on the street.” An MP from the Civic Coalition also commented on the matter.

“What is this? Is MP Paweł Szrot impersonating a police officer? “Whoever, pretending to be a public official or taking advantage of the false belief of another person, performs an activity related to his function, shall be subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year” (Article 227 of the Penal Code),” wrote Michał Szczerba.

The TVP headquarters is not the only place where things get hot. The new management of the Polish Press Agency strengthened the building’s security by employing external security companies, which Law and Justice named, among others. “army of bullies”. The deputies report that the bodily integrity of one of them was violated.

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