Zbigniew Ziobro heard a question about Tusk. “Do you really sincerely believe that?”

Zbigniew Ziobro heard a question about Tusk.  "Do you really sincerely believe that?"

On Thursday, August 10, the guest of “Morning Talk” in RMF FM was the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro. During the interview, the head of Sovereign Poland was asked about his attitude towards Donald Tusk.

In a radio conversation, a representative of the United Right was asked about a number of current issues, including those related to the upcoming parliamentary elections. When asked about his place on the electoral list, he brought up the topic of his political opponents himself. – In the campaign, the ones are not important, only the program and whether a German collaborator will rule here, controlled from Berlin, making decisions favorable to Germany – he threw.

What does Ziobro mean by calling Tusk a “collaborator”?

Journalist Krzysztof Berenda decided to dwell on the minister’s words for a moment. – Are you sincere when you talk about the “German collaborator”? This is such a political game, do you really sincerely believe in it? he asked. – In the political dimension, Donald Tusk is a German collaborator, I’m being honest – said Ziobro.

– After all, he was elected twice as the head of the European Council thanks to Mrs. Merkel. He pursued German interests for 5 years. What has Donald Tusk done for Poland? Please tell me what actions he has taken, which primarily served Poland – continued the leader of Sovereign Poland.

Ziobro on the difference between Tusk and Morawiecki

– Nord Stream 2 is being implemented, there were no sanctions against Russia for the first attack on Ukraine, de facto waging war in the context of Crimea and Donbas. He agreed to a full German strategy in every field, to a climate policy that is killing Polish industry. This is Angela’s German man, a German man – Ziobro enumerated.

– You also accused Mateusz Morawiecki of allowing climate policy. He is also a German man according to you? the journalist inquired. – I urged Prime Minister Morawiecki to take a firm stance on this matter, there is a difference of opinion here – admitted Ziobro. However, he stipulated that the position of the prime minister is different from the position of the head of the European Council, who “is the head of the entire body and could clearly articulate a position important for Poles.”

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