Jarosław Kaczyński referred to the farmers' protest. He announced a march in Warsaw

Jarosław Kaczyński referred to the farmers' protest.  He announced a march in Warsaw

During the PiS local government convention in Śniadów, Jarosław Kaczyński responded to farmers' protests. The President of Law and Justice announced a large demonstration in Warsaw.

On Saturday, March 9, Law and Justice organized a local government convention in Śniadów in Podlasie. During the party event, Jarosław Kaczyński delivered a special speech to his supporters. A large part of the PiS president's speech was devoted to the situation of the Polish countryside. The former deputy prime minister emphasized that the goal of his group is to equalize opportunities between urban and rural residents.

– Our predecessors, i.e. those currently in power, pursued an exploitative policy with a liquidation element. This amounted to making life in the villages more difficult and this should be opposed, he said.

Jarosław Kaczyński about the farmers' protest. He announced a march in Warsaw

Jarosław Kaczyński also referred to the current farmers' protests. He emphasized that farmers have prepared a draft parliamentary resolution, which includes the basic demands, i.e. rejection of the Green Deal and blocking imports from the East. – This resolution is in the parliamentary freezer – added the politician.

The president of PiS announced that his party is planning a demonstration in Warsaw. It is scheduled to take place on May 18. – We are planning a big march that will refer to the march of January 11 (PiS march in defense of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik – ed.) – he said. In this way, PiS wants to force the government to adopt a resolution of the Sejm condemning the Green Deal and introducing an embargo on Ukrainian grain.

– If this resolution is not adopted by then, it will also be the slogan of this march. PiS will do everything to prevent imports from Ukraine, which has resulted in wheat being below cost – it was for PLN 1,400 and today it is for PLN 600 – he declared. The former deputy prime minister noted that the demonstration would take place even if the Green Deal was withdrawn by that date and an embargo on products from the East was introduced.

Jarosław Kaczyński on the merits of PiS

Then Jarosław Kaczyński told his supporters that the PiS government was pursuing the path of rural advancement because it used subsidies. “Today we are often attacked for this,” he said. – Over the course of eight years, we have brought the average monthly disposable income in rural and urban households closer to each other. There is still an advantage in cities, but it is a small advantage, almost imperceptible – said the PiS president. – We want to return to power, we do not hide it at all, this is the basic goal of our party. In order to further achieve this goal, he concluded.

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