An important declaration from Romania. It’s about Ukrainian grain

An important declaration from Romania.  It's about Ukrainian grain

Romania will increase the limit for Ukrainian grain from 2 million to 4 million tonnes per month, Romania’s Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced after a meeting with representatives of, among others, US and EU devoted to alternative routes of grain transport from Ukraine.

Romanian Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced on Monday that his country would increase its transit limit for Ukrainian grain from 2 million to 4 million tons per month.

Romania will increase the quota for Ukrainian grain

– We agreed that Ukrainian grain exports should be accelerated in the context of attacks on the Ukrainian ports of Reni and Izmail in recent weeks – said Grindeanu, quoted by the Ukrainian portal European Pravda behind the Romanian portal Agerpres.

The head of the Romanian Ministry of Transport took part in a meeting with representatives of the US, EU, Moldova and Ukraine, devoted to alternative routes for the transport of grain from the war-stricken country. – During these talks, we emphasized the importance of Romanian land, rail and sea routes for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of exports and imports from Ukraine Grindean said.

The Romanian Minister of Transport emphasized that when it comes to grain transport on the Danube, the Sulina canal – Sulina is one of the three estuaries of the Danube – is the only route that can be used in the delta of this river, so it is important to optimize the capacity of this route.

One month since the grain deal was broken

Recall that on July 17, the Kremlin announced that Russia was suspending its participation in the grain deal. It guaranteed the safe export of Ukrainian grain and fertilizers from Ukraine via the Black Sea. The agreement was concluded last July by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN and has been extended several times. Under the agreement, Ukraine exported over 32 million tons of corn, wheat and other grains.

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