Action of the services before the visit of the US president. A man who threatened Biden was shot dead

Action of the services before the visit of the US president.  A man who threatened Biden was shot dead

FBI agents have shot and killed a man accused of making threats against US President Joe Biden. The incident took place in Utah, where the American leader was due to arrive a few hours later, the Associated Press reported.

The shooting happened around 6:15 a.m. in Provo, the Associated Press reported. “The incident began when special agents attempted to serve arrest and search warrants at the residence,” the FBI said in a statement.

According to two Associated Press law enforcement sources who wished to remain anonymous, Craig Deleeuw Robertson was armed. The man was fatally shot by at least one FBI agent. None of the officers were injured.

The man who threatened Joe Biden has died

According to court documents, last Monday, Robertson posted an internet post saying he had heard Joe Biden was coming to Utah and that he planned to prepare camouflage and his sniper rifle to do so. The man referred to himself as “MAGA Trumper”, referring to former President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

“The time is right for a president assassination or two. First Joe, then Kamala!!!” – he was supposed to write in September 2022. He also published threats against top law enforcement officials overseeing legal cases against Trump.

Neighbors described Robertson as a frail, elderly man, and his online profile says he was 74. The man reportedly carried a gun regularly, but did not appear to pose a threat, according to neighbors. “There’s no way he’s going from here to Salt Lake City, setting up his rifle and shooting the president – 100 percent no way,” one neighborhood resident told the Associated Press.

The president of the United States on a tour of the country

Joe Biden is on a trip to the Western United States. On Wednesday he was in New Mexico, where he gave a speech at a windmill factory, then flew to Utah. He plans to visit Salt Lake City on Thursday.

A White House official, who wished to remain anonymous, said the president had been informed of the raid and the shooting of a man who made threats against him.

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