Zbigniew Boniek counters the candidate for president of Warsaw. The PiS man has a problem

Zbigniew Boniek counters the candidate for president of Warsaw.  The PiS man has a problem

There is an exchange of insults between Zbigniew Boniek and Tobiasz Bocheński on social media. The latter did not win the hearts of football fans.

This may seem insignificant in the political context, but in the case of the sports community, specifically football, in Warsaw it is certainly quite a strong and sizable group of people. Tobiasz Bocheński is a candidate for president of the Polish capital, put forward by Law and Justice.

Tobiasz Bocheński replied to Zbigniew Boniek

Will the 36-year-old Polish lawyer be able to defeat the current head of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski? It is difficult to say this clearly. However, it is certain that from the very beginning, shortly after PiS announced Bocheński’s candidacy, there were misunderstandings… purely sporting ones.

Although the PiS politician is running to fight for the title of the most important person in the local government of Warsaw, unofficially it is said that he is a Widzew Łódź fan. Which, in the case of fans of the capital’s Legia, is not news that arouses enthusiasm. On the contrary. Bocheński himself quickly explained that he only supported Widzew in the fight against the city authorities of Łódź, but he is not a declared fan.

Zbigniew Boniek commented on the matter briefly and in his own style. The Widzew legend spoke out on social media.

“This new candidate will eventually live in Rawa Mazowiecka. They won’t want him either in Warsaw or Łódź,” said the former president of PZPN and vice-president of UEFA briefly.

Bocheński decided to respond quickly, suggesting that it was time to get more interested in football since it aroused so much emotion. He also emphasized that he is connected with Warsaw on a daily basis, regardless of his place of birth (read: Łódź).

Who does the PiS candidate for the mayor of Warsaw support?

It turns out that Bocheński will have to clearly declare who he intends to support. Since the politician previously refrained from football, it seems that now is the time to choose a direction. When it comes to the fight for the presidency in Warsaw, the Warsaw version remains. The only question is, will it be Legia?

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