Fortune for the Polish club. It's mainly because of Americans

Fortune for the Polish club.  It's mainly because of Americans

In 2023, Stal Gorzów received a lot of funds from the city. It turns out that a lot went into organizing the Grand Prix round.

It is rare for a sports club to receive a subsidy from the city in three aspects. According to the Interia website,, Stal Gorzów was to receive: PLN 540,000 as a subsidy for training children and youth in speedway, PLN 1 million as a subsidy to support key sports disciplines, and finally as much as PLN 1.3 million for organization of the Polish Grand Prix.

Organizing a Grand Prix costs a fortune

It is worth dwelling on this last amount, which shows how much financial outlay it takes to host the best speedway riders in the world who compete in the Grand Prix series. It seems that the stakes have increased slightly since the American Discovery is the promoter of the competition, and it wasn't cheap either when the British BSI was in charge of the series.

At the same time, no one in Gorzów can imagine giving up such a prestigious competition as the Grand Prix. The tournament always attracts a full crowd of fans to the stands and provides a lot of excitement. Last year, at the Edward Jancarz Stadium, after a dramatic final, the best player was Stal's graduate, Bartosz Zmarzlik, who soon became the individual world champion for the fourth time.

Help for the club also this year

It would seem that last season the team from Gorzów received PLN 2.87 million, but the support did not stop there, because the city also allocated over PLN 400,000 to improve the utility infrastructure.

This year, the nine-time Polish speedway champions can certainly count on a lot of help from the city authorities. However, it is difficult to say how much all the subsidies will amount to. Perhaps more will be known after the end of the competition. Similar to what happens now when we learn about the amounts for the previous year.

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