A tourist published a terrifying holiday video. This is what a “wall of spiders” looks like.

A tourist published a terrifying holiday video.  This is what a "wall of spiders" looks like.

While walking in the tourist region of the island, the woman noticed a huge arachnid habitat. Some of them were the size of a watch.

Going on an exotic holiday does not only mean lying on fabulous beaches and swimming in the warm sea. Holidays in some regions also involve the presence in a completely new environment, which may be full of dangerous tropical diseases or dangerous species of animals and plants. A Tiktoker who went on vacation to the most famous island in Indonesia among tourists showed a terrifying recording of the walk.

Spiders suspended above the heads of tourists

A TikTok user who shares memories from her travels with followers under the name graces_adventures, this time decided to show a terrifying recording from a trip to the popular island of Bali. The film shows a woman’s walk, probably around Kintamani, a village known among visitors, located near the Mount Batur volcano – a destination for trekking tourist trips. “Are you looking for a reason not to come to Bali? I’ll show it to you,” the woman said, and then turned the camera on her phone, showing the “wall of spiders” on a huge spider web hanging just above the heads of tourists who usually pass by here. The size of some arachnids exceeded the size of a watch, which the tourist showed for scale comparison.

Internet users were equally concerned

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” said the author of the video at the end of the film. Internet users agreed with her and also expressed their concern. “My heart is pounding like crazy. The fact that Bali hasn’t done anything about it is appalling,” one woman wrote. “I suffer from arachnophobia – Bali and Australia are definitely not for me,” we read. Another tourist decided to calm down the commentators. “Hello, I have been living in Bali for seven years. These spiders are found only in the north of Bali, called the Bangli or Kintamani region, near Mount Batur,” he explains.

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