The Ukrainian army has been enriched with a new type of armed forces. This is President Zelensky’s decision

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President Zelensky decided to create forces responsible for combat drones within the Ukrainian army. In his evening speech, he devoted a few sentences to this issue.

On Tuesday, February 6, the Ukrainian army gained a new type of armed forces, including drones. The decision entered into force upon publication of the presidential decree. As explained in the attached message, the change was introduced “in order to increase the capacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use unmanned and robotic air, sea and ground systems, as well as to ensure readiness to use such systems in accordance with their intended purpose.”

Volodymyr Zelensky on combat drones

In his evening speech, President Zelensky devoted a lot of attention to the latest reform of the armed forces. He explained that this is a step towards developing technology that works well on the battlefield and provides tangible benefits to the Ukrainian army. He cited the Black Sea area as one example.

– This is not a question of the future. This should produce tangible results in the near future. This year should be decisive in many respects, of course mainly on the battlefield. Drones and unmanned systems have proven their effectiveness in battles on land, in the air and at sea, he said.

Zelensky on the benefits of drones

– Countering attacks on the ground is largely due to drones. Large-scale destruction of opponents and their equipment also involves drones. Currently, the list of tasks is clear: dedicated full-time positions for working with drones, special units, effective training, systematization of experience, continuous scaling of production and acquiring the best ideas and the best specialists in this field. This is a task for the army, but also for the Ministry of National Defense and the government in general, Zelensky emphasized.

As the President of Ukraine explained, it is about coordination. – To ensure the appropriate level of planning and quality of logistics, unmanned systems of the Armed Forces will be created within the structure of the Armed Forces. Appropriate proposals will be submitted for consideration, he added.

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