The hooligans wanted to set the train on fire. Chance saved people from massacre

The hooligans wanted to set the train on fire.  Chance saved people from massacre

Shocking reports were published on social media by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań. It turns out that at the end of July this year there could have been a huge tragedy, which was allegedly caused by the settling of accounts between fans of feuding football clubs.

Why now about the events from a few months ago? It so happens that police officers from the Police Headquarters and the Police Headquarters in Poznań have just detained two men who were involved in the preparation of the so-called Molotov cocktails. They were supposed to pelt the train carrying Widzew Łódź fans.

Shocking police reports, a hair’s breadth away from tragedy

The report posted on social media is shocking. The events of July 31 this year were related to the return of fans of the Łódź club from Szczecin. Widzew played its match against the local Pogoń. Ultimately, the Łódź team lost 1:2.

“Detentions and arrests in connection with Molotov cocktails found on the tracks in Antoninek in July. It was only by chance that the lives and health of almost a thousand train passengers were not endangered. (…) Based on the evidence, the Prosecutor’s Office charged one of the detainees under Art. 171 pairs 1 of the Penal Code, for which he faces up to 8 years in prison. The second detainee was released after interrogation,” we read in the post of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań on Facebook.

As it turns out, it was only a coincidence that there was no great tragedy.

Molotov cocktails in photos on the Internet

It’s hard to even imagine what would happen if a truck with a feuding group of fans actually drove along the route planned by the hooligans.

“Everything happened on July 31, 2023. 28 bottles of gasoline, the so-called Molotov cocktails. A few hours earlier, a special train with almost 1,000 Widzew Łódź fans was traveling along this railway route. The fans were returning from Szczecin to Łódź. Police officers from the Department for Combating Hooligan Crime at the Poznań Police Headquarters determined that people from the so-called teams of Swarzędz fanatics wanted to throw improvised explosives at the special train. For this purpose, they entered the railway viaduct in Antoninek. They were waiting for a train that they believed was supposed to pass on the track under the viaduct. It was only by chance that the train was directed by the railway workers to the upper track. The perpetrators’ plan failed.” – informs the police.

The investigation is still ongoing. As the police emphasizes, it cannot be ruled out that there will be further arrests.

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