Krzysztof Stanowski’s Channel Zero is launched. We know the list of presenters

Krzysztof Stanowski's Channel Zero is launched.  We know the list of presenters

The launch of Channel Zero will take place on Thursday, February 1. What have we learned so far about Krzysztof Stanowski’s new project?

After long months of waiting, tomorrow, i.e. Thursday, February 1, 2024, the premiere of Channel Zero will take place. The first live program was scheduled for 20:00, and its main content will be a long interview with Krzysztof Stanowski conducted by journalist Przemysław Rudzki, who previously cooperated with Stanowski for many years on many projects in the sports media, including the portal belonging to Stanowski.

Channel Zero – list of hosts

To begin with, approximately 20 media personalities were invited to participate in the project, representing various fields, such as: politics, sports, entertainment, science, law, finance and economy. Most of the hosts have already been officially announced, so a day before the launch of Channel Zero, we already know that the most important programs will be hosted by the following people:

  • Krzysztof Stanowski – main presenter

  • Robert Mazurek – politics

  • Tomasz Rożek – science

  • Marcin Meller – morning band

  • Monika Goździalska – entertainment

  • Jacek “Tede” Graniecki – entertainment

  • Andrzej Twarowski – sports

  • Tomasz Raczek – film

  • Wojciech Kowalczyk – sports

  • Robert Gwiazdowski – economy

  • Dariusz Dziektarz – nature

  • Rafał Zaorski – finance

  • Maciej Dąbrowski – entertainment

  • Andrzej Borcz – business

  • Jakub Kosikowski – medicine

  • Jarosław Wolski – military

  • Wojciech Kowalczyk – sports

  • Marcin Matczak – law

  • Bogusław Leśnodorski – law

  • Mariusz Zielke – economy

It must be admitted that Krzysztof Stanowski managed to successfully encourage people with really well-known and recognizable names to cooperate on Kanał Zero. Everything indicates that his latest project will be a real milestone in the history of the development of Polish YouTube.

Finance and economy on Channel Zero

The hosts who will deal with topics on the border between economics, finance and the economy on Channel Zero include: economic journalist Mariusz Zielke, a long-time employee of “Puls Biznesu”, winner of the Grand Press award in the “investigative journalism” category for texts about stock exchange collusion; famous investor Rafał Zaorski, who will comment on current events on the markets and raise the issue of pyramid schemes and financial frauds; and Robert Gwiazdowski, economist, lawyer, economic commentator and lecturer at Lazarski University.

Kanal Zero is a new project by Krzysztof Stanowski

Krzysztof Stanowski is an extremely popular journalist and internet creator who comes from the sports media. He is the owner of, among others, Grupa Wełości, has its own sports club KTS Wełości, and until recently it was a co-owner of Kanał Sportowy.

The latter project, after Stanowski left it, began to decline significantly in terms of the number of subscribers and – above all – video views. In all this, it is clearly visible how popular an Internet creator Krzysztof Stanowski is today, because even such recognizable journalists as Mateusz Borek, Michał Pol and Tomasz Smokowski, i.e. his former colleagues from Kanał Sportowy, started to get into business problems right after his departure. .

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