You have never seen such a sunset over Warsaw. “I thought it was a city in the USA.”

You have never seen such a sunset over Warsaw.  “I thought it was a city in the USA.”

An extraordinary photo of a sunset over the capital of Poland circulated on the Internet. Internet users do not believe that it shows Warsaw, and the author of the work was appreciated for it in a prestigious competition.

There is no shortage of photographers and video creators in Poland who show our country from a side we would never even think about. One of them is certainly the author behind the name of the Bałtyk profile on Instagram. It shows the Polish coast in all its glory and certainly encouraged many people to quickly go to the seaside.

This time, however, we will focus on the work of Paweł Długokęcki, which has been conquering the Internet for several weeks. He photographed Warsaw from a completely different perspective and received a unique distinction for his work.

Warsaw is like a city in the USA

Paweł Długokęcki, who operates on Instagram under the name @keckiphotography, took a photo showing the sunset over Warsaw. The photo taken with a drone shows a street full of cars, at the end of which there are Warsaw's skyscrapers and office buildings. All this in the light of the slowly “falling asleep” sun.

“Towards the setting sun” – this is how he titled his photograph. And he probably didn't expect it to gain so much admiration and such a response.

The photo received thousands of likes, shares and dozens of comments. “I saw someone's post and I wanted to write: Oh, Warsaw?, actually thinking that it was some big city in the United States…”, “LA as you see it”, “Amazing” – observers write.

It turns out that the photo was liked not only by them, but also by the authors of the Warszawiaki plebiscite, which appreciates people who show the capital in a unique light.

The photo won the Warszawiaki 2023 competition

Paweł Długokęcki's photo was awarded in the Warszawiaki 2023 competition. The final took place at the Alternative Culture Center in Ursynów on March 11. It was then that the winners were announced and voted for by the inhabitants of the capital. They chose their favorite cafe, restaurant, sport, culture, entertainment, district, initiative, photo, event, Warsaw on the Internet and Varsovian of the Year.

The inhabitants of the capital awarded Radosław Gajda with the honorable title of Varsovian of the Year 2023. The winner in the Photo of the Year category was Paweł Długokęcki, author of the photograph entitled “Towards the setting sun.”

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