The league punished the Polish club. Relegator's points deducted

The league punished the Polish club.  Relegator's points deducted

Grupa Azoty Akademia Tarnów says goodbye to the Tauron Liga. Nevertheless, before the last round, the team from Małopolska received another blow. The league deprived them of three points.

Grupa Azoty Akademia Tarnów is playing its second season in the Tauron League. After staying in the first place, they will now have to say goodbye to the Ekstraklasa. Already before the penultimate match, it was known what fate awaited Błażej Krzyształowicz's volleyball player. The victory of Metalkas Pałac Bydgoszcz, a direct rival in the fight for relegation, “sealed” the relegation of “Żyraf” from Tarnów.

Polish club points deducted

Before the last round, another blow to the club came to light. At the request of the Polish Volleyball Association, the managers of Tauron Liga punished the club by deducting three points. As the federation was responsible for the report, it can be assumed that it was due to financial arrears towards the volleyball players.

“Pursuant to decision No. 03/2023/2024 of March 1, 2024, Volley Club Jedynka Tarnów Sp. z o. o. was punished with deprivation of 3 points in the top-class competition, conducted under the name TAURON Liga (hereinafter referred to as the “Liga”) in the 2023/2024 season,” reads the abbreviated message posted on the website.

Although the decision was made on March 1, the media heard about the punishment only a few days later. However, the penalty does not change anything in the Tauron League classification. The team from Tarnów still closes the table with only five points.

Results of Tarnów Academy in the Tauron League

Grupa Azoty Akademia Tarnów won the 1st League in 2022. In the 2022/2023 season, the team finished the Tauron League in penultimate place. In the current competition, the club was led by three coaches. Marcin Wojtowicz (promotion architect) was first temporarily replaced by Michał Madejski, and then by Błażej Krzyształowicz. It is still unknown what the fate of the club from Tarnów is, which, like Chemik Police, is struggling with an uncertain situation.

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