The weather is not favorable for the railway. Icy traction network and numerous delays

The weather is not favorable for the railway.  Icy traction network and numerous delays

PKP PLK informs about difficulties in railway operation throughout the country. As a result of the icy catenary, many trains were canceled or delayed. The record is over 10 hours.

Due to freezing rain that occurred in Poland on the night of December 3-4, the railway was blocked in many places. Most of the difficulties appear in Masovia, but this is not the only region of the country where they should be taken into account.

As PKP PLK spokesman Karol Jakubowski said, “currently we are talking about the situation on the railway that is the result of difficult weather conditions, as freezing rain causes the traction network to become icy.” – To de-ice it, it is necessary to use specialized equipment in the form of network trains. Railway services and employees who perform this work do it in difficult conditions. The temperatures are low, and this work is carried out at a height of over 5 m above the track, he explained.

Paralysis in several places in the country

In many places in the country, work is being carried out to remove ice from the traction network. These are: the section between Nasielsk and Działdowo on the Warsaw – Gdańsk line, a section of the route between Wyszków and Ostrołęka, and the section on the Warlubie – Twarda Góra – Smętowo route. – Additionally, there are restrictions on train traffic on the railway line between Słupsk and Lębork and Słupsk and Ustka – Jakubowski said.

However, some fragments of the traction network have already been “freed”.Currently, the situation on the railway network has resulted in the technical services, after de-icing the traction network, resuming train traffic on the railway line between Małkinia and Sadowne on the Warsaw-Białystok railway line – informed the PKP PLK spokesman.

PKP is struggling with difficulties

Jakubowski does not hide, however, that what is happening on the railway network is a very dynamic situation. Therefore, he is unable to say when the railway will be fully operational. – Our services monitor meteorological reports on an ongoing basis. Technical services are on standby all the time, rapid response services to faults, network trains and protective locomotives are on standby. In the event of any changes or failures, we are ready to act, he assured.

All changes in train running or their cancellations can be tracked on the website Currently, there are 116 different difficulties, and the record delay is 637 minutes, or over 10 and a half hours.

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