The candidate for councilor resigned. In the background there is a drugstore theft scandal

The candidate for councilor resigned.  In the background there is a drugstore theft scandal

Klaudia Szyszkowska, a candidate for a councilor in Chełm, resigned from running in the elections. This is related to the publicity of the case of theft from a drugstore, for which she was fined.

25-year-old Klaudia Szyszkowska ran for a councilor's seat in the upcoming local government elections in Chełm on behalf of the “Chełmanie” electoral committee. It was founded by Jakub Banaszek from the OdNowa RP association (PiS faction).

“As a young, active social activist, I am involved in various charity and social campaigns. Over the years of working as a community activist, I have gained experience in helping residents and supporting cultural initiatives in our city,” the candidate introduced herself on Facebook.

Klaudia Szyszkowska resigned from running in the elections

However, an article by the local newspaper “Nowy Tydzień” cast a shadow over her campaign. It was reported that in 2022, Klaudia Szyszkowska was detained by the police on suspicion of theft. The woman allegedly stole a full basket of hygiene products and cosmetics from the drugstore: sanitary pads, tampons, shower gels, face masks, body bronzing cream, makeup sponges, oils, deodorant, creams and other products with a total value of PLN 711.23. The court found the woman guilty of theft. She had to pay a fine of PLN 1,000. zloty.

The newspaper pointed out that formally, the candidate for councilor has no criminal record, so she can run in local elections, but “ethical issues remain.” “Theft over PLN 700 is considered a misdemeanor, but it is still common theft,” the journalists pointed out.

Szyszkowska commented on the publication on her social media.

“I am sorry that I did not inform anyone from the “Chełmanie” Association and the Election Committee in advance about the events described in the press material. I am ready to provide any explanations in this matter, while maintaining full respect for the principles of law,” she wrote.

She also posted a photo of a document proving that she has no criminal record. However, the website reminds that persons sentenced to restriction of liberty, fine or reprimand for an offense are not entered in the National Criminal Register.

Szyszkowska added that “due to the lack of compliance of the information contained in the article with the facts” she reserves the right to take legal action to defend her good name against any further false suggestions or insinuations. However, she did not write what exactly was inconsistent with the facts.

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