This is where Europeans will spend their holidays in 2024. The Italian island is becoming more and more popular

This is where Europeans will spend their holidays in 2024. The Italian island is becoming more and more popular

A lesser-known Italian island with pastel-colored houses and black beaches will be a holiday hit in 2024. See where the Italian Procida is located and why it is considered the most beautiful in the country.

Although holidays in Sicily, Sardinia and Capri are and will continue to be popular, one Italian island may threaten them. It’s not as popular as its bigger “sisters”, but it has just as much charm and is still not as crowded. Procida, as we are talking about, offers high temperatures, beautiful beaches, lower prices and a bit more intimacy than other islands in Italy. Check out why it’s still worth visiting.

This Italian island will be a holiday hit in 2024

Procida is a small Italian island located in the Bay of Naples. It is often overlooked by vacationers, who often choose to visit neighboring Capri instead. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

In recent years, the little piece of land has gained recognition from vacationers on social media. Last summer, one TikTok user named @thewanderlustimes described Procida as “one of the most beautiful places in Italy” thanks to its pastel houses and picturesque ports.

But it wasn’t just social media users who visited this Italian island – it also attracted celebrities. According to the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood movie stars such as Sophia Loren, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor vacationed on the island. Other famous faces have recently visited, including TV chef Jamie Oliver.

What to do on Procida?

One of the main attractions of the island is Marina Corricella – the oldest fishing village on the island. The 17th-century houses along the harbor are painted pink, yellow, blue and green. Even though it is over 300 years old, Marina Corricella is still a working fishing port, making it a great place to enjoy seafood.

There are other sites overlooking the port, including the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and Piazza di Martiri, both situated on top of a hill overlooking the port. Also here we will find a fortified medieval village called Terra Murata.

There are also several beaches on the island, including Chiaia Beach, which is a stone’s throw from Marina Corricella. It is unique in terms of the color of the sand – it is dark. Right next to it you will find clear and shallow water. Part of the beach is available free of charge, but vacationers will have to pay a fee to rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

You can reach Procida from Naples by ferry – the journey takes 40 minutes. The nearest airport is Naples International Airport.

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