You have a valid passport and you still might not fly. In these countries it is not enough

You have a valid passport and you still might not fly.  In these countries it is not enough

Do you think that a valid passport will always allow you to fly to the country of your choice? Without knowing the basic principles, you may be surprised. Some countries have their own unusual requirements.

Traveling around most European countries is very easy for us. It is enough for them to be in the Schengen Area to be able to freely cross their border with just an ID card. However, there are areas where even a valid passport is not enough. You still need to meet specific deadlines. What is it about?

A valid passport does not always allow you to cross the border

Marika Mikołajczyk recently reminded that some travelers may encounter an unpleasant surprise at the airport. She is the owner of an Instagram profile called @wakacyjnatesterka and often gives interesting advice to Internet users. Today, her profile is followed by over 3,000 people. people who willingly comment on the content she publishes.

In one of her recordings, the woman presented a list of countries that prohibit crossing borders, even if we have a valid passport. This happens when we do not ensure the required validity period of the documents. The list includes mainly exotic and expensive destinations, which means that you need to pay special attention to following the rules. Otherwise we may lose our vacation and money.

You can't fly here with a valid passport. You have to keep an eye on the deadlines

We will not fly with a valid passport to Egypt, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Mauritius and Bali. Tourists who want to cross the borders of these countries must not only have a valid document, but also prove that it – from the date of departure or arrival – is valid for at least 6 months.

The situation is similar in Tunisia and New Zealand. In these countries, the validity period is minimum 3 months from the date of departure and arrival. The matter may not seem obvious, so if you are planning such a trip, make sure that you meet the conditions, and if not, arrange for a new passport well in advance. Moreover, it is worth remembering that during the holiday season you may have to wait a little longer for its release.

Unfortunately, many tourists still do not take issues related to documents seriously. Both in Poland and abroad, there have been many reports of situations in which travelers forgot to check the expiry date of the document or did not notice that it was damaged. In such situations, the trip may not take place.

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