Star sand is conquering the web. Here you will find beaches that are made of it

Star sand is conquering the web.  Here you will find beaches that are made of it

These are some of the rarest beaches in the world and can be found in East Asia. They are made of sand, which has an unusual shape. It is not without reason that it is called starry.

One of the rarest forms of sand, the so-called starry sand offers not only a wonderful view and unique experiences, but is also referred to as a miracle of nature. Beaches made of such “material” can be found mainly in East Asia. The most popular ones are in Japan. See where exactly and what such sand actually looks like.

Starry sand beaches

Starry sand is characteristic of the beaches located on the islands of Taketomi, Hatoma and Iriomote in Japan. It is actually sand with particles of several millimeters in the shape of stars. At first glance, they seem completely ordinary, but only when you look closely can you see their beauty. Despite the small size of the sand particles, beachgoers can easily see this amazing five-pointed star shape with the naked eye.

Unlike most beaches in the world, the sand at Hoshizuna Beach and other nearby Japanese beaches is not composed of rocks and minerals, but rather the remains of previous organisms. Each star is the exoskeleton of small, single-celled organisms known as foraminifera. This means that this sand was once part of an organism that lived in the Pacific Ocean.

Where did the star sand come from in these places?

As the waves crash onto the beach, the water carries with it shells and exoskeletons of tiny creatures, creating a unique coastline. This particular species of star-shaped foraminifera, known as Baculogypsina sphaerulata, is found only in the coral reefs of East Asia, making this shape of sand one of the rarest in the world.

Home to the star sand, the islands of Taketomi, Hatoma and Iriomote are part of the Yaeyama Islands located off the coast of Japan’s main archipelago. These are both the southernmost and westernmost inhabited islands in the country. Unlike many popular tourist metropolises in the country, visitors to these islands can relax in seclusion. And in a unique atmosphere.

Star sand is one of the rarest types of sand in the world. Apart from it, the olivine sand that makes up Papakolea beach in Hawaii is so unique. It consists of crystallized magma, and the entire beach here is green.

In turn, Pfeiffer Beach in California is one of the few places where sand dominates… purple.

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