A new attraction in the mountains is open. We won’t find another one like this in Poland

A new attraction in the mountains is open.  We won't find another one like this in Poland

This is where a fairy-tale garden is surrounded by mountain landscapes. The grand winter opening of the Podhale park is behind us. It is the highest attraction of this type in Poland

Last weekend, one of the hit attractions of Zakopane and the surrounding area returned after the summer break. The garden of lights on Gubałówka shines with colors again, inviting entire families to visit. This year, tourists can also enjoy new products. According to research, fairs are more popular than skiing among winter trips. Will light gardens soon become Poles’ favorite entertainment? As delighted Internet users show, it is not impossible.

The Garden of Lights on Gubałówka attracts tourists

“The brightest point on the map of Poland”, as the organizers call the Land of Light on Gubałówka, is a family amusement park located at the top of the KLP cable car route. “After entering the railway car, it takes only 3.5 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, where we will be greeted by the Land of Light,” we read on the website of the Polish Cable Railways. The park was opened on November 11 and has already welcomed the first tourists who shared their impressions of the trip online.

“We wanted the Land of Light to include motifs associated with Zakopane. Individual elements of light illuminations are related to the history of the Polish Cable Railways, folklore, skiing and the region. Against their background, family photos will be a great souvenir of your stay in Gubałówka and Zakopane,” comments Łukasz Chmielowski from the PKL Management Board. One of the most interesting light illuminations is a golden wagon made of thousands of ice lights. It was installed in memory of the trolley that was the first to enter Gubałówka in 1938.

This year’s news and ticket prices

This year, there are lots of new things waiting for visitors. While riding the cable car, we will pass through a light tunnel and then go to the illuminated crocus field. There will also be sculptures of Podhale sheep and shepherd dogs, as well as violins and saxophones. Admission to the popular attraction is completely free, but requires a paid entry to the top of the mountain. The price of the one-way train is PLN 28 for a regular ticket or PLN 23 for a one-way reduced ticket.

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