Why are airplane seats blue? It’s not a coincidence

Why are airplane seats blue?  It's not a coincidence

Have you ever wondered why airplane seats always have one specific color? Shades of blue dominate and it turns out there is an explanation for this.

Perhaps those who don’t fly very often haven’t noticed this, but every self-respecting traveler certainly knows that airplane seats are most often blue. Have you wondered why? If so, today we hurry to explain this phenomenon. It turns out that it’s not about visual issues, but about something completely different.

Blue color of seats on the plane. He is the one who rules on board

The blue color of seats often applies not only to airplanes, but in many cases also to trains. Everyone probably knows the newest wagons in PKP Intercity. This time, however, we are not focusing on railway wagons, but planes. As you know, armchairs look a certain way. Even if they differ slightly in shape and are more or less comfortable, they have one thing in common – color.

Blue seats can be found on most well-known and respected airlines in the world – although there are certainly exceptions to this rule. However, the rules are followed by, among others: Ryanair, Easyjet and British Airways or PLL LOT.

This is why airplane seats are blue

Where does the blue color trend come from? The reason airplane seats are blue is to create specific psychological effects. According to experts who commented, among others: on portals such as “The Sun”, shades of blue evoke a feeling of peace. This is very important in stressful flying situations. “Colors can also influence human perception of humidity, temperature and aroma,” Virginia Tripp, a designer at Teague who worked with Boeing, told travelandleisure.com.

The blue color was therefore considered relaxing and associated with a sense of security. It has also been scientifically proven that this color slows down the heart rate and breathing. It is not without reason that fiery and stimulating colors are avoided in places such as airplanes. For example, red could only infuriate passengers who are already excited enough.

Airlines that choose blue seats follow generally recommended and conservative principles. It is also a very big and important gesture towards people who are stressed about flying. Apart from the calming aspect, experts also pointed out the problem of blending in with the surroundings. It turns out that thanks to dark shades of blue, the plane absorbs light better and we have a more stable visual experience. Do you feel that blue seats make you feel better?

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