The snow maze has been delighting visitors for years. It is the largest in the world and you will find it in Poland

The snow maze has been delighting visitors for years.  It is the largest in the world and you will find it in Poland

Snow attractions include not only ski slopes and ice hotels, but also mazes that can provide a lot of fun for the whole family. This type of facility can be found in Zakopane.

In winter, we look for interesting attractions that are characteristic of this time of year. We pay attention to, among others: for beautiful gardens of lights or parks with illuminations. As the winter holidays began on January 15, now especially many people are looking for inspiration for short trips. One of the interesting suggestions may be visiting the largest ice maze in the world. It’s closer than you think.

Ice maze in Poland. It’s open again

The ice maze in Poland is considered the largest in the world. We wrote about its opening in 2016, when tourists could see it with their own eyes for the first time. It consists of 60 thousand snow elements and covers an area of ​​2.5 thousand. square meters. Before the facility was built, it was won by the one from the province of Manitoba in Canada.

The facility is part of a large amusement park called Snowlandia. The snow maze delights both adults and children. Everything is built from artificial snow, and work is only possible in sub-zero temperatures. Tourists can get lost in the complex tunnels and look for a way out. The attraction can be found under the “Wielka Krokiew” ski jump, in the immediate vicinity of the Tatra National Park.

Photos of the maze are available both on the official Snowlandia website and on social media. They show that the structure is impressive both during the day and after dark. Everything is often surrounded by colorful lights that create a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Using the attractions is not free. Visitors must pay PLN 35 for adults, and children pay PLN 30. It is also possible to take advantage of family entries, the prices of which start from PLN 90.

The ice maze is not everything. You will also find this in Snowlandia

The Snowlandia amusement park hides many other secrets. Other attractions include a sledding hill, an igloo with ice sculptures and the Tatra Educational Park. In addition, this year the Cave of Sleeping Knights was opened for the first time. There, we will listen to stories about nature, anecdotes about the Tatra Mountains, visit ice interiors, sculptures and meet real knights in steel armor.

Enjoying each attraction has its price. In many cases, the more facilities we want to use, the better the price. When it comes to the sledding hill, prior reservation is required. Have you been there yet? Are you planning to visit them? For the uninitiated, we would like to point out that the facility is open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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