The sad saga with the three-time Polish champion continues. New information has been revealed

The sad saga with the three-time Polish champion continues.  New information has been revealed

For a long time, fans have been concerned about the future of Unia Tarnów and the lowest league. The club provided new information about its activities.

Let us remind you that things got hot around Unia Tarnów when the club's main sponsor – Grupa Azoty – withdrew from further support. These two entities had been associated with each other for many years and this information shocked the speedway community in Tarnów. The EU found itself in a bad situation. A few days after Grupa Azoty's announcement, the club announced that it would take part in the National Speedway League, but the situation was still not entirely clear. The end of March brings contradictory news coming from the city. Ultimately, the president and the coach appeared at a press conference to clarify many issues.

Unia Tarnów will start in the league. The voivode helped

On Thursday, the most important people associated with Tarnów speedway announced that the club will take part in the National Speedway League, mainly thanks to the support of the board of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The deputy marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Józef Gawron, was present at the press conference.

– We wondered if we would start. The talks lasted until the last minute. We were in a dramatic situation and were close to deciding to withdraw the club from the competition. We asked the voivodeship marshal for help, who previously assured us that support could be provided. Fortunately, we managed to cooperate, said the president of the club from Tarnów, Kamil Góral, during a press conference.

The Tarnów team will have their first meeting next Sunday, when they will travel to Gniezno. The strongest possible squad is to appear in the first capital of Poland. But what good is this if the future of the club is still uncertain.

It is not certain whether Unia will miss the entire season

Kamil Góral's narration shows that the Union does not have financial security for the entire season. The president of the three-time Polish champions emphasizes that the club is still looking for sponsors. Perhaps a title sponsor will be announced soon.

– I must admit that we will need additional financial resources to complete the season safely. We are in talks with many companies. I encourage you to cooperate with us, we offer a wide range of marketing services, he added.

Unia will therefore take part in the National Speedway League, but it is not certain what its future fate will be. It can be said that the unpleasant saga related to the club's finances is still ongoing

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