A side effect of the construction of the tunnel under Świna. An unusual hill is being built by the sea

A side effect of the construction of the tunnel under Świna.  An unusual hill is being built by the sea

It was built from spoil from the construction of the tunnel in Świnoujście. Now the unusual hill is to be a place of rest for tourists and residents of the resort. It is also intended to attract obstacle course enthusiasts.

Photos of the green hill taking shape were published on social media by Barbara Michalska, deputy mayor of Świnoujście. “How do you like the so-called recreational and relaxation hill? Much of it is already done. Work is also underway around the hill to tidy up the area. Let me remind you that the hill is being built by the contractor of the tunnel under Świna,” she wrote.

Obstacle running training track

It is entirely made of what was taken away from the tunnel construction during drilling. That’s a total of 8.5 million wheelbarrows of land. According to the city, the hill will feature an obstacle course training track, or OCR, as well as a pump track and a dog run. The hill is located on the island of Usedom, not far from the tunnel entrance.

The longest crossing in Poland

The tunnel under Świna, a crossing connecting the islands of Wolin and Uznam, was officially opened on June 30. Thanks to the investment, residents and tourists can move between the islands without having to take a ferry, which was previously the only means of communication. However, the city left the “Beliki” ferries, which run through Świna near the railway station. They are most frequently used by pedestrians and cyclists, but it is also open to all willing drivers (previously, only residents of Świnoujście could use this crossing).

The tunnel under Świna is the longest crossing of this type in Poland. The deepest place is 24 meters below the water surface. The Świna Strait here is approximately 14 meters deep, so the tunnel is approximately 11 meters under its bottom. The construction of the tunnel cost over PLN 900 million.

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