You go back to the office or look for a job. Amazon’s boss cuts the discussion short

You go back to the office or look for a job.  Amazon's boss cuts the discussion short

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is tough on employees. Recently, he suggested that people who want to continue working from home should start looking for another job. The company recently started its great return to offices.

Amazon is one of the large corporations that strongly insists on the return of staff to stationary work. The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​recently put the matter on edge.

Amazon CEO – either work from the office or no longer work in the company

Business Insider journalists obtained a recording of one of the internal meetings at Amazon. Andy Jassy was also present during the meeting and, using delicate language, he issued a kind of ultimatum to the employees.

– Now it’s high time to say you don’t agree with it, but to follow the order. If you are unable to do this, I understand that too. But most likely, further work at Amazon will not work out for you, because we return to the office at least three times a week – the CEO of the company made it clear.

As he added, refusing to come to the office “is not fair to everyone in the company who already come three times a week.” Jassy also argues that he has spoken to 60-80 CEOs of other large companies and they all unanimously agree that it is high time to return to the organizational structure based on working from the office.

Amazon brings employees to the office

It is worth recalling that Amazon is one of the first corporations to start a program to return to its US headquarters after the end of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously, this was not received with much enthusiasm by employees.

However, Amazon is moving forward and currently requires on-site visits at least 3 times a week, although it is possible that the number of mandatory days will expand. The company also closely monitors which employees do not show up at their offices enough. This monitoring has been ongoing since at least mid-August this year.

Some time ago, more than 2,000 Amazon employees announced a strike and leaving their offices in protest against the return to stationary work and the company’s approach to meeting climate policy. The company argues that only about 300 people actually went on strike.

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