PLN 90 million could have evaporated from the Ministry of Sports. Shocking results of the Supreme Audit Office

PLN 90 million could have evaporated from the Ministry of Sports.  Shocking results of the Supreme Audit Office

The Supreme Audit Office revealed shocking results of audits at the Ministry of Justice. According to the Supreme Audit Office, the scale of irregularities may reach up to PLN 90 million.

The Supreme Audit Office took a closer look at the Sport For All competition, which was carried out by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism during Kamil Bortniczuk's term of office. The auditors negatively assessed the actions of the former head of the ministry in preparing and conducting the recruitment of applications under the above-mentioned program. Marcin Marjański, spokesman for the Supreme Audit Office, emphasized that the audit revealed numerous irregularities in the management of taxpayers' money.

– We checked the preparation for the competition as well as the monitoring and settlement of contracts for co-financing a public task and the implementation of the settlement of the contract for one of the beneficiaries who received the highest funding in the first recruitment process – explained Magdalena Krakowska-Wąż, a state audit specialist.

Shocking results of the Supreme Audit Office audit in Bortniczuk's ministry

According to NIK, Kamil Bortniczuk did not ensure a reliable selection of offers. Moreover, he allegedly exceeded his powers. As we read in the post-audit report, the former minister from the PiS government granted funding in the amount of PLN 87.8 million in a non-transparent manner that did not ensure equal treatment of applicants, without legal justification, in violation of the competition regulations, and without the assessment made by the members of the competition committee.

The politician made the decision independently and additionally extended the deadlines for submitting documents three times. According to NIK auditors, the former minister, using criteria unknown and unforeseen in the competition, decided to co-finance the offers he indicated. He personally indicated eight applications that were approved, the auditors said.

NIK notifies the prosecutor's office

The Supreme Audit Office also raised doubts about the fact that the Ministry of Tourism did not in any way check how the beneficiaries used government funds.

Due to the results of the audit, NIK announced that it would submit an application to the prosecutor's office regarding the possibility of Kamil Bortniczuk committing a crime when distributing subsidies under the Sport for All Program.

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