Big change in Google Maps. The app now shows weather information

Big change in Google Maps.  The app now shows weather information

Google Maps has just received a new update, which adds information about the current weather and air quality to the Android version of the application.

Google Maps is still the most popular tool in Poland, used primarily for route planning and navigation when traveling by means of transport (private and public), and even when hiking. These are simply very good maps, available both in a web browser and as an application for smartphones.

Google Maps with weather and air quality information

In addition to the popular navigation, Google Maps also has many other useful functions, the newest of which is the ability to view information about the current weather and air quality. This feature has been available to iPhone owners for some time, but now it will also be available to users of smartphones with the Android operating system.

The new feature is available on the main screen of the Google Maps application, which is displayed immediately after launching it. In the upper left part of the screen, just below the search bar and suggestions for popular locations (such as nearby gas stations), there is now a small rectangle that, even without any activity on our part, displays a graphic summary of the current weather conditions.

After clicking on the mentioned rectangle, a larger screen appears on the screen, containing more detailed weather information, such as the current air temperature, a simplified forecast for the next hours, information about possible precipitation or strong gusts of wind, as well as a dot symbolizing the current air quality condition (in If it is good, the dot is green, etc.).

Google Maps available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play

The Google Maps application is available for download directly from virtual app stores for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play). Changes may be implemented gradually, especially in the case of multiple individual versions of the system for Android smartphones.

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