Krzysztof Stanowski had a mishap on TV. Internet users reacted quickly

Krzysztof Stanowski published a new video.  See the behind-the-scenes of the creation of Kanal Zero

The journalist surprised viewers with his statement. Krzysztof Stanowski made a significant slip of the tongue.

On Thursday evening, February 1, the long-announced Krzysztof Stanowski’s channel was officially launched. Despite only a few days of operation, Kanal Zero already has over 746,000 subscribers, and its morning programs have many times higher viewership than the simultaneously broadcast magazines of Kanał Sportowy. However, there were some mishaps.

Krzysztof Stanowski’s mishap in Kanał Zero

Last weekend, weekly magazines debuted on Channel Zero. Tomasz Raczek’s “Filmowe Zero” had 570,000 views by Monday morning. views, “Gospodarcze Zero” by Robert Gwiazdowski – 440 thousand, “Mazurek & Stanowski” – 810 thousand, and “Trzecie Śniadanie” by Marcin Meller – 410 thousand. These statistics are many times higher than those of Channel Sportowy, which broadcast, among others, during the weekend: “Hejt Park” with former football player Kazimierz Węgrzyn (52,000 views), further episodes of “Hunting” by Michał Pol (22,000), the Sunday magazine “Loża Piłkarska” (48,000) and the new series “Przy espresso o Serie A” (12 thousand), as well as a report from the Cupra Padlowe tournament (8 thousand) and Mateusz Borek from Thailand (40 thousand).

It is known that from Monday, the morning program “Siódma zero zero” is also broadcast on Channel Zero. On Monday, it was led by Krzysztof Stanowski and Maciej “Warga” Dąbrowski, on Tuesday by Monika Goździalska and Jacek “Tede” Graniecki, and on Wednesday, February 7, by Krzysztof Stanowski and Monika Goździalska.

There was a mishap during the latest episode. At one point, Krzysztof Stanowski wanted to advertise dietary catering on TV, which is the sponsor of “Kanał Zero”. The 41-year-old then made a mistake.

– I wanted to say that it’s a very good sandwich. The broccoli diet is one of the most important sponsors of the Sports Channel, said Krzysztof Stanowski, confusing the name of the channel.

Internet users quickly noticed the journalist’s mistake. During the live broadcast, they wrote to him that he seemed to miss his old job. – Did I say Sports Channel again? “Channel Zero,” Stanowski corrected himself.

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