The beaten goalkeeper broke the silence. “I Lost Everything I Loved”

The beaten goalkeeper broke the silence.  "I Lost Everything I Loved"

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about the case involving Puszcza Niepołomice’s goalkeeper, Kewin Komar. The footballer was involved in a fight, and many different theories arose around it. Now the player decided to break the silence and presented his version of events.

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about beating Puszcza Niepołomice goalkeeper Kewin Komar. According to initial speculations, the footballer was to be beaten by hooligans at a festival in Wiśnicz Mały. These reports were denied by the police, who were investigating various leads, which showed that the incident was not fan-related. In turn, RMF FM received information that the footballer had a fight with his current partner’s ex-boyfriend.

Kewin Komar broke the silence

The goalkeeper decided to give the website the only interview on this matter. Komar revealed that after the match against ŁKS Łódź, his girlfriend’s parents called him and asked if he would pick them up from the festival. When they were there, a group of people must have recognized him because they started singing Wisła Kraków chants.

A moment later, two men approached the goalkeeper – the ex-boyfriend of Komar’s partner and his friend. – It’s like they surrounded me. One of them, the one on the right, had a beer in his hand. He was definitely under the influence of alcohol. He asked me, “What the f**k now?” – he reported. At one point the goalkeeper was attacked.

– It lasted maybe a dozen or so seconds. I started waving my left and right arms to shoo them away, he continued.

What happened next?

He then allegedly hit one of the attackers, who fell down. Komar also revealed that a moment after the incident, a group of about 20 people moved towards him, the goalkeeper tried to run away, but was unable to do so and was bombarded with a hail of punches and kicks. Afterwards, his ear was blue and his head and ribs hurt. That’s when the thumb must have been broken. From the festival, the goalkeeper and his partner went to the emergency room, where one of the attackers was already there.

– He turned to me and showed me the gesture of cutting my throat and how he shot me twice with a gun. Dominik W. He was one of the two who attacked me at the beginning – he informed.

Kewin Komar: I lost everything I loved

After all, when the goalkeeper was already at home and getting ready for bed, he heard a group of people gathering there through the open window. At one point, someone shouted, “We’re going into his house.” – I quickly got out of bed and ran around the house to all the residents to turn on the lights in the rooms and outside – he said, adding that the people then fled into the forest.

On Sunday, Kewin Komar decided to report the matter to the police. He confessed that after the incident he felt very weak mentally and physically. – Now… I’m just… afraid of everything. This is my first time in such a situation. Career-wise, I’m most devastated. I lost everything I loved. I loved training and playing matches in the top league. Every boy dreamed of this as a kid, he concluded.

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