“Wojtek from Zanzibar” with allegations. He is wanted on a warrant

"Wojtek from Zanzibar" with allegations.  He is wanted on a warrant

The prosecutor’s office charged, among others, with participation in the organized crime group “Wojtek from Zanzibar”, i.e. the creator of the Pili Pili hotel chain, which was promoted by Polish celebrities, the trojmiasto.pl website reported.

Prosecutor Remigiusz Signerski from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk said in an interview with trojmiasto.pl that decisions had been issued to charge Wojciech Ż., Dominik Ż, and Katarzyna Z. with numerous crimes.

“Wojtek from Zanzibar” with allegations

– They concern participation in an organized crime group, leading a number of people to an unfavorable disposal of property by misleading them as to the possibility and intention to carry out trips to Zanzibar and related services and as to the intention and possibility of building real estate in Zanzibar, as well as concerning conducting business without the required entry in the register and despite the ban issued by the marshal of the voivodship, i.e. against the provisions of the Act on tourist events, the prosecutor informed.

Wojciech Z., Dominik Z. and Katarzyna Z. have been wanted on warrants since last year. According to the trojmasto.pl website, the allegations against them concern 240 victims in connection with the organization of trips to Zanzibar, and the total value of the damage is over PLN 2.7 million.

Celebrities advertised fabulous holidays

Wojciech Ż., known as “Wojtek z Zanzibaru”, ran hotels popular among Poles in Zanzibar under the Pili Pili brand. Celebrities were also eager to visit them, and they meticulously reported their holidays on Instagram.

In February 2022, an entrepreneur from Gdańsk unexpectedly announced the closure of Pili Pili. Tourists who had purchased holidays were not reimbursed. The businessman assured that the operation of the hotels had been suspended only for a few months. What’s more, the charter airlines Enter Air, which previously transported tourists from Poland to Zanzibar, announced that they were terminating their cooperation with Pili Pili with immediate effect. Former employees complained about delays in salary payments and arrears with suppliers and tour operators.

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