A flood of mushrooms in Polish forests. This recording is going viral

A flood of mushrooms in Polish forests.  This recording is going viral

Representatives of the Baligród Forest District shared a recording of Mr. Kazimierz Nężka's mushroom picking. The man came across unique specimens of boletus. “I think you will succeed, too,” he says.

It is no secret that the first mushrooms in Polish forests can be found already in mid-May, but the real feast for mushroom pickers begins only in early autumn. However, you can also find unique specimens now, as forester Kazimierz Nóżka found out. The man found beautiful boletes, and the video of his mushroom picking is going viral.

Beetlejuice in Polish forests

Representatives of the Baligród Forest District, which is located in Podkarpacie, shared a video showing mushrooms collected in Polish forests. It is here that recently forester Kazimierz Nóżka came across beautiful specimens of boletus.

“I will say this, it is raining lightly and slowly, slowly, slowly, real mushrooms are starting to appear in the Bieszczady forests, so if you find them somewhere on your trail, you can pick them and make maybe your first sauce, maybe your first soup,” says the man, picking the unique mushrooms. in one of the forests.

“These are healthy, so we will clean them and mask the area. This is what it looks like, folks. My first healthy mushrooms this year,” says Mr. Kazimierz, presenting the mushrooms to the camera.

The forester revealed that he did not know whether he would find more on his trail, but he passed two more specimens along the way.

“Four is enough. My wife will make a delicious Friday sauce. I think you will succeed sooner or later,” he concludes.

There was a frenzy in the comments

Internet users are delighted with Mr. Kazimierz's achievements. However, it turns out that many of them also managed to collect some mushrooms. The forest district's post received almost 800 comments, some of which included photos taken by other Poles after picking mushrooms.

“It's such a rarity at this time. It must be admitted that they are beautiful specimens. Have a nice afternoon”, “Healthy and so clean”, “Beautiful view” – observers write.

Some people add that mushrooms can also be found in the vicinity of Olsztyn or Lower Silesia. Have you managed to pick any mushrooms yet?

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