Terrifying footage of the plane landing has hit the Internet. Miraculously, it did not crash onto the tarmac

Terrifying footage of the plane landing has hit the Internet.  Miraculously, it did not crash onto the tarmac

Passengers of an Air Canada plane that landed in Toronto in recent days experienced moments of horror. The machine was approaching the airport, but was struggling with wind and turbulence. A blood-curdling video has been published online. It’s hard to believe that no one was hurt.

A camera located at Toronto’s Pearson Airport captured the dangerous landing of an Air Canada plane. The vehicle was descending to the airport when it encountered turbulence. It started leaning sideways and eventually hit the ground very hard. One of its wings also touched the belt, and the whole thing looked as if the machine was jumping. The recording was published online.

Terrifying plane landing in Toronto

Video shot by Wake Turbulence Aviation and posted on social media shows the plane landing in Canada first hitting the runway with its right wheel and then banking to the left during a bumpy touchdown.

An Air Canada spokesman confirmed that a flight from Tokyo’s Narita Airport suffered a “hard landing due to crosswinds” on Monday.

“The Boeing 777 aircraft normally taxied to the gate after landing and, as a precaution, was inspected before returning to service on November 14,” the statement said.

The airline confirmed that there were 373 passengers on board the plane and no one was injured.

The airline commented on the matter

“Air Canada pilots are qualified professionals trained to safely handle all situations, including adverse wind conditions,” Air Canada said after the incident.

How did the incident happen? On November 13, an Air Canada Boeing 777-300 operated an AC2 flight from Tokyo Haneda, Japan, to Toronto, Canada. The vehicle encountered turbulence during final approach to Toronto’s Runway 24L. In a video posted on YouTube, the Boeing 777 can be seen increasing its rate of descent, causing a hard touchdown.

The plane’s wings were swinging sideways, which could have caused the tip of them to hit the ground. Despite the disturbing incident, the flight crew managed to regain control of the aircraft, ultimately bringing it to a safe stop on the runway.

The next day, the aircraft flew AC1 back to Tokyo. This quick turnaround indicates that the airline, in cooperation with its maintenance and safety teams, has conducted a thorough inspection and determined that the vehicle is suitable for continued operation.

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