The popular attraction will be several times cheaper. This is the end of unfair prices

The popular attraction will be several times cheaper.  This is the end of unfair prices

Uncompetitive practices by tour operators have inflated admission prices to the famous monument. From now on, thanks to the new sales system, the problem will be solved.

Tickets to the most famous attraction in Rome could be up to four times more expensive due to unfair practices of tour companies. Private entities bought all available tickets to the Colosseum, forcing tourists to use more expensive packages. A practice tolerated for years will come to an end thanks to a new form of ticket sales.

The tickets were more expensive than they should have been

The price of a regular ticket to enter the Colosseum is 18 euros. Unfortunately, tourists had to pay up to 80 euros for the opportunity to visit. Agents’ offices and private individuals massively bought tickets available in the sales system to resell them to tourists at inflated prices. It was not unusual for tickets to be sold out on the museum’s website for weeks in advance.

Investigative authorities investigating illegal practices found that tickets were purchased en masse using automated purchasing systems. It was decided to find a way to prevent the use of these tools, which were unacceptable from the point of view of healthy competition.

The new system will solve the problem

The new ticket sales system will come into force on Wednesday, October 18. The new tickets will be personal documents, which means that at the time of transaction you will have to provide the details of the person who will use the ticket in the future. The name on the ticket cannot be changed later. Sales will be conducted via the website, as well as at call centers and ticket offices. The number of tickets sold on-site will be doubled to make visiting easier for those who have not purchased online.

According to CNN and Italian media, prices in Italy have increased by up to 130% compared to last season. The cost of some products and services can be absurd – an example is the bill of a couple of tourists who paid 60 euros for two coffees and two bottles of water. Lowering the prices of a visit to one of the most frequently visited attractions will bring relief to visitors tired of high prices.

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