A mysterious windowless skyscraper in downtown New York. “The Scariest I’ve Ever Seen”

A mysterious windowless skyscraper in downtown New York.  "The Scariest I've Ever Seen"

At 33 Thomas Street in New York City there is a slightly disturbing tall building that has no windows. Tourists willingly pass by it, but they do not hide the fact that it makes them a little afraid. What does it contain and why was it created? There are many theories.

In downtown New York there is a 40-story skyscraper that is completely windowless. The disturbing building located at 33 Thomas Street intrigues locals and tourists alike, and there are many theories about it. What’s really in it? Check it out.

Skyscraper in New York without windows

On social media, Internet users regularly remind themselves about the unusual skyscraper without windows located in New York. It rises to a height of 40 floors and definitely stands out from the surrounding buildings. It intrigues, but also confuses passers-by who wonder what is hidden there.

Its concrete walls rise 40 stories high, but there are no windows in sight, leading people to wonder what’s going on inside? There are many crazy theories – the most daring ones say that it is an office for vampires, and others say that it is the headquarters of… Men in Black.

In 2017, even Tom Hanks himself wrote on Twitter: “This is the scariest building I have ever seen!” And it only heated the atmosphere around the facility.

A building that worries and intrigues tourists

People are wondering what is inside the unusual building located right next to 33 Thomas Street. “Lizard people don’t need windows,” joke Internet users. Others write that it is a top secret command center.

The truth behind the building does not entirely match the crazy theories about aliens and “lizard people”, but it is interesting and hides some dark secrets.

The facility known as the Long Lines Building was designed and built between 1969 and 1974 to house AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) telephone equipment – one of the most important telecommunications hubs in the US. The equipment required a lot of space and safe location, which is why the building’s floors are higher than average. Even though the skyscraper is 40 stories high, there are only 29 floors inside.

It is rumored that it was originally designed to withstand a nuclear explosion and hold enough food to keep 1,500 people alive for two weeks in the event of a disaster. What is it used for today?

From its construction, the building operated as AT&T’s long-distance telephone exchange until 1999, when the company moved elsewhere. Today, the windowless skyscraper is still sometimes used for its original purpose of switching telephone calls by some local switchboard operators. Other areas of the facility are reportedly being used as a high-security data center.

An investigation by The Intercept in 2016 revealed that it may be a secret NSA (National Security Agency) base. The investigation, which includes the Edward Snowden documents, provides “irrefutable evidence” that 33 Thomas Street served as an NSA surveillance site codenamed TITANPOINTE.

The NSA declined to comment to The Intercept on the investigation, and what’s really happening behind the building’s doors remains a mystery. What other theories are there about him?

One Reddit user wrote: “It’s probably a data center and not occupied by people,” while another added: “It’s a telecommunications exchange, it’s no big secret, most big cities have several of them. It is air-conditioned because of the equipment.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, users are theorizing: “So this is where all the vampires live now?” and: “Looks like something that should be in Dune.” The vampire theory proved popular as users joked that they were unable to work when sunlight streamed through windows. Others are convinced that little green aliens and other extraterrestrial beings are hiding behind the building’s eerie walls. The last group believes it is the headquarters of the Men in Black, and the others ask, “Gotham City?”, joking that the skyscraper belongs to Batman.

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