The WTA completely ignored Iga Świątek. The Polish woman drew attention to the big problem

The WTA completely ignored Iga Świątek.  The Polish woman drew attention to the big problem

The thing about tennis tournaments is that sometimes it’s hard to play them in a reasonable time frame. Recently, problems of this kind occurred in Montreal, and affected, among others, Iga Świątek. Therefore, the Polish woman decided to draw attention to a problem that the WTA does not see.

The competition in WTA Montreal has just come to an end, which was sometimes paralyzed due to the weather. Heavy and frequent rainfall meant that meetings had to be interrupted for many hours or postponed. In the very end, there was a bizarre and undesirable situation in which Lyudmila Samsonowa played the semi-final and the final on the same day, and both matches were just over 2 hours apart. However, the WTA does not see the problem that, for example, Iga Świątek sees.

Iga Świątek and other tennis players are fed up with it

Problems were usually experienced by those players who started their clashes at the latest. In addition, the tennis players themselves also have objections to the calendar and how individual tournaments are organized. First, Yelena Rybakina spoke on this matter, who bluntly admitted that the extremely tight schedule contributed to her health problems. One of the finalists, Lyudmila Samsonowa, was also not satisfied with the development of the situation.

Then Iga Świątek drew attention to the problem in strong words. Of course, Raszynianka was aware that weather issues are something that cannot always be predicted, but in the future the calendar needs to be changed anyway. “We should focus more on the health of the players. The tour is very intense, we travel all the time and we have little peace. You need to pay attention to this, especially next year, when there will be even more tournaments – she said, quoted by “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The Polish woman pointed out that it is not only about the competition in Montreal, but also other games. She recalled that in Rome or Madrid she played four matches that ended just before or even after midnight.

The WTA ignored Iga Świątek

Therefore, the first racket of the WTA ranking turned to the federation with an important request for it. “I understand we have to adapt to broadcasters and everything else. I asked the WTA for data to see if people are willing to watch games that start after 10pm. I haven’t received any response, she said.

Iga Świątek also added that for her a match day does not end when the last point is won or lost. After the meeting, he needs an hour to regenerate, then he spends time on the media, eating something, and only then can he take care of lowering the adrenaline and going to sleep. So if he ends a meeting after midnight, he goes to bed very late, and this can carry a lot of health risks.

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