Wojciechowski with an appeal to Tusk. “Poland's voice is very much needed here”

Declaration of Janusz Wojciechowski.  He replied to the PiS president

Janusz Wojciechowski wrote a letter to Donald Tusk – according to media reports. The European Union commissioner drew attention to a problem that may make itself felt in just a few months.

Janusz Wojciechowski wrote a letter to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in which he emphasized the need to address the issue of extending the possibility of granting public aid to farmers after June 2024 at the European Union forum, the Polish Press Agency reported. This mechanism became effective in the community after the start of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In a document obtained by PAP, the European Union Commissioner for Agriculture noted that over the last two years, the European Commission approved 16 tranches of public aid, including: for subsidies for fertilizers, grain, fuel and loans, which provided significant support for farmers who were struggling with the economic consequences of the war that Russia unleashed in Ukraine.

Janusz Wojciechowski wrote a letter to Donald Tusk. It's about helping farmers

Janusz Wojciechowski emphasized that currently there are no plans to extend the time frame for providing support in the above-mentioned mode and there are no initiatives of the Member States in this matter. “Mr. Prime Minister, for my part, I am raising this issue as part of the internal work of the Commission, but the voice of Poland is very much needed here, whose farmers are most affected by the economic effects of the war in Ukraine and which has so far benefited most from the possibility of public aid for farmers.” – we read in the content of the document.

Farmers' protests continue. They take place not only in Poland, but also in other European countries. The demonstrators oppose the provisions of the European Green Deal and draw attention to the competition that threatens them due to the import of cheap food from countries with lower production standards than those in force in the European Union.

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