Miller has a “general remark” towards those in power. He warned Tusk

Miller has a "general remark" towards those in power.  He warned Tusk

Leszek Miller talked about Donald Tusk's government in the context of “holding to account” the opposition for “scandals”. In his opinion, the “process” is “too slow.” On Sunday, the former prime minister also made a bitter comment regarding the words of President Andrzej Duda after the exposé of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On April 28, Leszek Miller visited the TVN24 studio. In the “Fakty po Fakty” program, he talked about “holding accountable” the opposition for “scandals”. He shared his thoughts – he said he had a “general comment”. – The process of settlement and personnel changes is definitely too slow – says the former prime minister. He added that people “stop him” at airports or on the streets and ask questions in this context. – So what? Who was detained? Who was arrested? How long will this continue? – he wondered.

He said that he was talking to people who recently trusted the Civic Coalition – in mid-October they voted for politicians in power. If they feel “disappointed”, “it will be bad”, he noted.

Sikorski's exposé. Miller speaks bitterly about Duda's words

Anita Werner asked Miller about the future cooperation between KO politicians and Duda. Miller indicated that the government “should ignore the president.” – It's possible to rule like that. We must learn to govern without the president and bypass the president, even balancing on the border of the law, he emphasized. He added that he did not believe in the transformation of the head of state who would continue to “sabotage” KO. According to Miller, the president's goal is to “discredit the government” to “make it easier for Law and Justice” to return to power.

TVN24 also covered the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which he delivered in the Sejm on April 25. Duda commented on them later, saying, among other things, that “with astonishment and great disappointment he saw the beginning (…) of an attack on the policy pursued by the previous government (of the United Right – ed.).” – In my opinion, it was not only absolutely baseless, which contained a lot of lies, manipulation, and simply plain untruths, but above all, it was dividing Poles – said the head of state. Photos showing the president's eloquent facial expressions during the speech also received wide attention.

“Stupid and Embarrassing”

Miller commented on Duda's words: – It was stupid and embarrassing. He pointed out that on the balcony, next to the head of state, “diplomats and ambassadors (…) who shape public opinion in their governments were sitting.” – I can imagine what they were thinking at that moment and what messages they wrote to their countries – he said in “Facts after Facts”.

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