A clear signal from the head of NATO regarding Western troops. “Kyiv didn't ask for this”

A clear signal from the head of NATO regarding Western troops.  "Kyiv didn't ask for this"

Jens Stoltenberg assured in Italy that there was no issue of Western troops in Ukraine. He explained that during their recent visit, the Ukrainians asked for “more support.”

Jens Stoltenberg met Giorgia Meloni in Rome on Wednesday, May 8. The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Prime Minister of Italy discussed preparations for the summit in Washington, including work on further strengthening NATO, achieving a fairer burden-sharing and providing greater support to Ukraine.

The Secretary General praised Italy's assistance to Ukraine, including the provision of the SAMP/T air defense system together with France. Italy also signed a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, helping to strengthen Ukraine's defense, support its arms industry and counter hybrid threats.

Head of NATO in Italy. He met with Giorgia Meloni

Stoltenberg praised Meloni for Italy's numerous contributions to the North Atlantic Alliance, including leading a NATO battle group in Bulgaria and contributing forces to battle groups in Hungary and Latvia. Italy also regularly participates in Baltic Air Policing and North Atlantic Treaty Organization naval operations.

The Secretary General of the Alliance thanked Italy for its involvement in the NATO KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and the NATO training mission in Iraq. Stoltenberg also welcomed Italy's key role in developing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's approach to the southern neighborhood.

Ukrainians do not want NATO troops in their country. Jens Stoltenberg revealed what they asked for

The head of NATO, quoted by the Italian news agency ANSA, noted that Kiev did not ask for NATO troops to be stationed in Ukraine to repel the Russian invasion. – NATO has no intention of deploying forces in Ukraine. When I was there last week, the Ukrainians were not asking for North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops, but for more support, Stoltenberg concluded.

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