The Ministry is working on a register of real estate prices. It is supposed to stabilize prices

The Razem Party criticizes "Mieszkanie na start".  He will not support the project

The Ministry of Development and Technology has not abandoned work on creating a register of real estate transaction prices. Its initiator was a minister from PiS, who argued that access to reliable knowledge about prices would help reduce them.

Last year, the then Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, argued that creating a public register of real estate prices would be a tool to help lower them. Notaries would enter transaction prices from notarial deeds. With free access, buyers and sellers could easily see what real prices are in a given area, making it harder for sellers to artificially inflate prices.

Real estate price register

Waldemar Buda did not manage to implement the idea during his term of office, but the next management of the ministry took it up. “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” reports that the idea has returned during work on the draft of a new government loan subsidy program. The newspaper found that a scenario is being taken into account in which the database would be run by the Insurance Guarantee Fund, which already manages the Developer Guarantee Fund and collects some of the market data.

Additionally, the portal will be fed with data from notarial deeds (via the National Tax Administration, which already collects them from notaries), as well as statements sent directly by development companies,” we read.

The Ministry of Development and Technology admitted in response to “DGP's” questions that work was actually being carried out. “The database (called the 'DOM portal' by the ministry) is to be not only a 'source of knowledge about real housing prices and their formation', but will also ultimately become a collection of data that will be used 'to better parameterize these government programs',” the newspaper said.

A regulation striking the so-called path developer

The Ministry of Development under Waldemar Buda not only prepared assumptions for the creation of the register, but also prepared regulations aimed at limiting the introduction of apartments on the market that were difficult to live in – small, without playgrounds in front of the block, with a window overlooking the wall of the neighboring block. A regulation striking the so-called However, the development agreement will not enter into force on April 1. The Minister of Development decided to postpone the deadline to August 1 to give developers and local governments more time to prepare.

Regulation on the conditions to be met by buildings and their location. It assumes, among others: increasing the distance of a multi-family residential building over 4 stories high from the plot boundary to 5 meters. Until now, this distance was a minimum of 3 meters in the case of walls without windows or doors, and in the case of walls with windows or doors – 4 meters.

The regulation also introduced a ban on selling premises with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters. It will be possible to build premises with a smaller area, provided that the premises are located on the first or second above-ground floor of the building and there is direct access to it from the outside of the building.

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