An unexpected guest at the meeting with Jake. “Have you heard about the visa scandal?”

An unexpected guest at the meeting with Jake.  "Have you heard about the visa scandal?"

Kinga Gajewska interrupted Patryk Jaki’s meeting with voters. – Have you heard about the visa scandal? – she began her monologue. Encouraged to talk by the PiS MEP, she quickly left the building.

“PiS supporters do not have access to reliable media, so I will politely inform about the visa scandal at meetings of PiS candidates and appeal for criticism,” the MP from the Civic Coalition said on social media. Kinga Gajewska assured that she intended to do this for citizens who “were deceived by TVPiS.”

Confusion at the PiS meeting

She attached video footage from Sunday’s meeting with Patryk Jaki. The video captured the MP’s speech about the controversial procedure. – Have you heard about the visa scandal? I wanted to tell you about 250,000 visas that were issued by our government, by our consuls, said Gajewska.

She made an appeal to the people gathered at the meeting. – I know that you often deal with only one channel – she began. – When you get home, ladies and gentlemen, please check this information. For the good of our country – she addressed the voters of Law and Justice.

Jaki: Gajewska ran away from the conversation

Patryk Jaki commented on the loud speech of his political opponent. “When I saw that Kinga Gajewska came to the meeting, I personally gave her the microphone (I thought I would be satisfied for the whole week” – he wrote on the X website. He said that despite his requests, the MP rejected the proposal further conversation. “She ran away with terror in her eyes. People tried to stop her,” the MEP described the situation.

The politician also published a recording which shows that Gajewska quickly left after giving the speechbuilding. – Let’s talk (…) We listened to you – said Patryk Jaki. However, the KO MP did not want to continue the conversation and started heading towards the exit. Several people stopped her along the way. – Courage – appealed the organizers and participants of the meeting. Kinga Gajewska finally left the premises.

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