Will PZN benefit from the quarrel in the Norwegian federation? Adam Małysz comments

Will PZN benefit from the quarrel in the Norwegian federation?  Adam Małysz comments

In the past, Alexander Stoeckl was of interest to the Polish Ski Association. Adam Małysz was asked whether the union would benefit from the coach’s quarrel with the Norwegians.

Not only Polish jumpers are having problems this season. Our fate was shared by the Norwegians, who also sank into stagnation. Only Markus Lindvik is in the top ten, and last year’s Crystal Ball winner – Halvor Egner Granerud is doing so poorly that he decided to give up and train in peace. In addition, there was information about a conflict between the players and coach Alexander Stoeckl. The jumpers even decided to send a letter to their federation, containing a lot of information about how badly the coach treats them and demanding intervention in this matter.

Will PZN benefit from the quarrel in the Norwegian federation?

Due to this conflict, there were voices for PZN to take advantage of the opportunity and hire an experienced trainer to work with Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła, while Thomas Thurnbichler would focus on the remaining players. It is worth noting that the Polish Ski Association contacted this coach in 2022 and was interested in his services. However, the famous coach decided that he would remain in charge of the Norwegian national team.

WP SportoweFakty journalists decided to ask the president of PZN, Adam Małysz, whether there are any plans to employ the famous trainer for experienced players. – Something like this has to come from the players. If they come to us and say they need a different approach, we will sit down and talk, he said.

– We don’t have such a signal yet, we won’t force anything or correct anything. This year, there were already plans for the players to compete less and have different training, but it didn’t work out, he added.

Adam Małysz revealed whether he had been in contact with the famous trainer

Adam Małysz also referred to the situation that occurred when he was still jumping. When the young Łukasz Kruczek was hired, the player decided to cooperate with the more experienced Hannu Leppistoe. – It was I who went to the Polish Football Association with such a request, without insulting Łukasz, because he lacked nothing. I was no longer a young player then and I didn’t need a friend, but a whip. A coach who tells me I have to do it a certain way and there is no discussion. Hannu was such a choice and it worked, he emphasized.

The president of PZN was asked directly whether he had already contacted Alexander Stoeckl. “No,” he finished.

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