The Russians are very afraid of these weapons. The “Baba Yaga” drone is a nightmare threat for them

The Russians are very afraid of these weapons.  The "Baba Yaga" drone is a nightmare threat for them

Ukrainian drones called Vampire, which Russians call “Baba Yaga”, are very brutal and spread fear in the enemy’s ranks.

The Ukrainian army uses drones called Vampire against Russia with great effectiveness, which Russian soldiers call “Baba Yaga”.

This name, of course, refers to a terrible witch who often rode on a broom and aroused universal fear. Her character comes from Slavic mythology and in some places has survived to this day as an element of folklore.

“Baba Yaga” is the terror of Russian soldiers

Ukrainian soldier Serhiy Volkov, quoted by the UNIAN news agency, said that the name “Baba Yaga” appeared in connection with the nightmares that Ukrainian Vampire drones cause in the ranks of the enemy army. At the same time, he explained what this type of weapon looks like and how it behaves on the battlefield.

“Usually the drone flies at night and makes a lot of noise. From the outside it looks like Baba Yaga’s small and terrifying broom. It is equipped with a modern thermal imaging system, thanks to which it scans enemy concentrations quite well,” said the Ukrainian soldier.

According to the Ukrainian soldier, “Baba Yaga” is able to penetrate the Russian defense systems without any major problems.

I have fangs, I have claws

The Russian nightmare about “Baba Yaga” comes from the fact that the Vampire drone is equipped with special claw-like devices with which it grabs a person who is unable to escape, hide or fight such a flying opponent.

The name “Baba Yaga” also comes from the fact that Vampire drone attacks are carried out only at night. They cannot fly in a daylight environment because they are very heavy when fully loaded, which in turn makes them very easily visible to the enemy.

Ukrainian technical thought

Vampire drones were manufactured by the Ukrainian company SkyFall. They move at a speed of 40 km/h and then make a loud sound that is truly terrifying in the enemy’s ranks at night.

“Baba Yaga” has six propellers and the same number of ammunition holders. It can carry loads weighing up to 20 kg, at an altitude of 400 meters, and its range is 10 km. The drone is capable of dropping four missiles at once. The production cost of one copy is approximately PLN 80,000. zloty.

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