Michał Probierz pointed out two problems with our staff. A clear diagnosis

Michał Probierz pointed out two problems with our staff.  A clear diagnosis

Michał Probierz spoke after the Poland-Czech Republic match, in which a draw tastes like a defeat. The Reds and Whites have already lost their chance to directly advance to Euro 2024. The coach pointed out the biggest problem of our team.

Traditionally, after the match of the Polish national team, the coach of the Polish national team appeared at a press conference. Michał Probierz did not look happy, but it is hardly surprising since he and his players did not manage to advance directly to Euro 2024.

Michał Probierz diagnosed the problem

– There are a few positives after this meeting and I see that we can build on them. Our players knew what we wanted to play, but we lacked football wisdom and that’s what we lacked the most – said the coach at the beginning of the meeting with journalists after the Poles’ match against the Czechs.

– In the first half, we kept the ball smoothly, but we did not take advantage of a few moments when we could have played behind the defense line, which was badly positioned. We won too few fights and took too few shots. This is our problem. We have opportunities from 20 meters, but we are constantly playing to the side and looking for something. We will work on it before the next match, the coach revealed.

The thwarted plans of the Polish national team

According to the coach, numerous and frequent injuries are also a big problem for the Polish national team. – We had good moments, we passed the ball smoothly from the back and between zones, we skillfully changed sides, but we lacked an accurate last pass and shots on goal. Injuries changed our plans a bit, he said with undisguised disappointment.

– The big problem is that we keep losing players before matches. We travel and observe these players, we build a team, but every now and then someone drops out. Dawidowicz, Cash, Zieliński, Bochniewicz… This is a pain in the creation process. However, I am happy that Nicola Zalewski returned from the youth team and performed well. Jakub Piotrowski and Przemysław Frankowski also played a good match, he said.

– It’s a pity that we didn’t score after that last corner, we would have been in a different mood now. We now need to apologize to the fans for not advancing and do everything to do better in the play-offs. Today, however, we showed that we are a team and that makes me happy, he concluded.

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