Rafael Nadal the president of Real Madrid? Spanish media write about “dream”

Rafael Nadal the president of Real Madrid?  Spanish media write about "dream"

Rafael Nadal as president of one of the biggest football clubs in the history of the sport? This is the scenario depicted by the Spanish media. The tennis player is associated with Real Madrid as the successor of the most outstanding Royal helmsman.

Recently, there has been more and more talk that Florentino Perez may soon leave the office of president of Real Madrid. It would be a memorable moment for sure, because we are talking about the man who first built the Galacticos team and then did the same a decade later and made the Real Madrid win three Champions Leagues in a row. The list of his merits is long, but PESEL does its job. The question is, who could replace him? Spanish media gives a surprising type.

Who will be the new president of Real Madrid?

At this point, it is worth noting that the Madrid club recently issued a statement regarding the future of the legendary activist. Rumors about his near future were so strong that it was decided to react. In a statement issued at the end of the first week of August this year, we read that all information on this topic is untrue, although this does not stop the wave of speculation about the 76-year-old.

The current most likely scenario is that Perez would step down as soon as his last big plan comes to an end. This is, of course, the reconstruction of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. It is expected to be finalized just before Christmas 2023, and soon after that there would be a change in the position of president of Los Blancos.

Rafael Nadal as a candidate for the helmsman of Real Madrid

The daily “Sport” reports that there are two serious candidates for the next Real Madrid helmsman. One of them is Emilio Butragueno, a living legend of the Royals. He played in a white shirt from the early 1980s until 1995, making 451 appearances and scoring 167 goals. The former striker is currently one of the directors of the Warsaw club, he is well versed in its realities, graduated from studies in the United States and seems to be qualified to take over after Perez.

This one, however, according to the Catalan newspaper (which should be taken into account), has a different dream. The 76-year-old would like to cast a great tennis player as his successor. The article states that the current president wants Rafael Nadal, whose career is slowly coming to an end, to be his successor. “He is a committed Madridista who, according to Perez, would be the best ambassador for Real Madrid and its values.”

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