Widzew’s fans did a great job. God, honor and homeland covered by the CSKA Moscow flag

Widzew's fans did a great job.  God, honor and homeland covered by the CSKA Moscow flag

Just when you think that football hooligans have reached the peak of stupidity and hypocrisy, something always happens that makes you feel weak. This time, Widzew fans showed off by hanging the CSKA Moscow flag at the ŁKS stadium during the Łódź derby. It is difficult to imagine a greater manifestation of hypocrisy in the context of the ultras’ alleged patriotism.

I have tried many times to understand the rules that govern the world of football ultras, but there are some things I will never be able to understand. One of them happened during the last Łódź derby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the stadium during them, but it wasn’t necessary for me to see the CSKA Moscow flag raised by Widzew fans in the visiting sector. I thought that after the fans of Lech Poznań bragged about their defeat against the Russian Spartak in 2022, no one would ever come up with an equally brilliant idea, but I clearly made a mistake.

Widzew Łódź distances itself from the behavior of football fans

Of course, the club itself managed to clearly respond to the situation. The statement emphasized that people directly associated with RTS do not in any way support collusion with the Russians. It was also emphasized that from the beginning of the war, the inhabitants of Łódź supported the Ukrainians, organizing humanitarian collections and similar actions, and the face of these activities was Andrzej Michalczuk, the Ukrainian legend of Widzew.

It’s all good, but it’s not about the club itself, but about those who often wipe their mouths with slogans like “Widzew is us, not you.” And if so, it is only right to congratulate the people who raised the CSKA Moscow flag during the derby. You truly represent the team, its values ​​and everything associated with it perfectly.

CSKA Moscow supports Vladimir Putin and the war

Recently, Vladimir Putin said that Russia has no territorial claims to our country. Okay, not there now, but we know them. Today they do not make claims, but tomorrow they may do so and no one will be surprised. Then what? What if they also attack Poland? This is not such an abstract scenario, not today. Which side will the Widzew fans be on, who came up with the idea of ​​raising the mentioned flag during the Łódź derby? We have heard so many times that in the event of war, it will be the ultras who will defend Polish land and the citizens of our country the most fiercely. Is it?

Sorry, but in this situation I’m not so sure, because you can’t be a little pregnant. You’re either in it or you’re not. Either you condemn Russia for its baseless invasion of Ukraine or you support it, but in the latter case, do not use the term “patriot” to refer to yourself. A different, opposing epithet would be more appropriate here.

People from the Widzew fan base who came up with the idea that flying the CSKA flag during the derby was a good idea must have been aware of how it would be received. There’s no denying it, not in the current geopolitical situation. And if so, we are clear what such a show of unity with the Moscow club means. A club that – let’s add this for clarity – is not in opposition to Vladimir Putin at all. On the contrary, it is a military club, almost departmental, with ties to the Kremlin, whose hockey section openly supported the Russian army.

Where’s “God, honor, homeland” in this?

In the light of all this, a group of RTS fans still prefers to cherish the CSKA game, although it is not known for what purpose. It’s definitely not about Poland and good intentions towards our homeland. It’s more about the shady deals that – after all, it’s an open secret – that some groups of hooligans do with other groups of hooligans. Even if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not a sufficient reason to break off these arrangements, we can really talk about an indefensible scandal.

In the current geopolitical situation, it is difficult to imagine a more embarrassing move. Especially considering how often the same hooligans have the motto “God, honor, homeland”. How to interpret this CSKA flag in this light?

Well, in my opinion, this is how you renounce your homeland. Honor is therefore a foreign concept to you, because what does openly supporting a club from a country that has a passive-aggressive attitude towards Poland have to do with honor? And God can at best be ashamed of you.

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