Bartosz Kurek compared him to Cristiano Ronaldo. What a compliment for a volleyball player!

Bartosz Kurek compared him to Cristiano Ronaldo.  What a compliment for a volleyball player!

Bartosz Kurek was asked to present the members of the team of which he is the captain, just before the European Championships. He spoke warmly about each of them, but only one volleyball player deserved special praise. What a comparison!

The European Men’s Volleyball Championship has already started, but the Polish national team has not played a single match yet. We will see the White and Reds in action for the first time on August 31. Discussions are currently underway about what the starting lineup of Nikola Grbic’s team should look like, as well as the hierarchy at individual positions. It has long been known that, especially in the receiving position, we have an embarrassment of riches, so someone will probably get hurt.

Bartosz Kurek appreciates Kamil Semeniuk

There is a good chance that it will be Kamil Semeniuk. The Sir Safety Perugia player was not in the best shape already during the league season and during the Nations League and sparrings there was no indication that he would soon return to the top. Even in the Wagner Memorial or in the friendly match against Ukraine, the receiver did not shine.

Despite this, when Bartosz Kurek was asked to describe his teammates just before the tournament, a surprising compliment was paid to ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The captain of the Polish national team compared the 27-year-old to one of the best football players in the history of this sport.

Kamil Semeniuk has been compared to a legend

– It’s a real training and playing machine. I haven’t met Cristiano Ronaldo personally, but Kamil is his counterpart – admitted Kurek. What is this similarity about? The experienced attacker revealed that even after an exhausting journey, Semeniuk does not give up on exercises such as rolling or stretching and does everything he can to become an even better volleyball player.

– To put it simply: “Semen” is always focused on work. He’s not tall, but he’s physically great because he can attack much taller players – summed up the captain of our team.

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