He compared Lewandowski to Piątek and Buksa. Here is the most important difference

He compared Lewandowski to Piątek and Buksa. Here is the most important difference

Robert Lewandowski is the third player in history to score at least one goal at the fourth European Championship. Is he still needed by the Polish team? We asked the former striker.

The Polish national team was eliminated from Euro 2024 after the group stage. The Polish national team first lost to the Netherlands 1:2, then also lost to Austria 1:3, but they ended the competition on German pitches on a positive note, drawing 1:1 with France. The only goal for our team during this match was scored by Robert Lewandowski. The captain of the Polish team was not available for the first match with the Netherlands because he was struggling with an injury. In the second match, he came on as a substitute, and played full-time against the Tricolours.

Lewandowski is still needed by the team

Lewandowski has already played 152 matches for the Polish national team, scoring 83 goals. He holds the record in both of these statistics. He will turn 36 in August and some predict the end of his career in the national colors, suggesting that the striker does not bring much good to the team.

Sylwester Czereszewski, a 23-times capped player for Poland, has a different opinion. The former striker emphasises that although Poland has managed well without a captain, he is still an important element of the puzzle and the coach starts with him when choosing the squad, provided he is healthy.

– The match against France showed that Lewandowski is still very important to coach Probierz. He didn’t take him off the field even at the end. He scored a goal from a penalty spot and overall he looked decent. There is a difference between him and Piątek or Buksa. Robert, however, comes down to get the ball, helps with the play, and our other two scorers are typical enforcers. There will definitely be life after Lewandowski, but I hope he will play for the national team for a while, maybe even until the World Cup in 2026 – said Sylwester Czereszewski in an interview with “Wprost”.

Lewandowski won’t be like Szczęsny

After Euro 2024, Wojciech Szczęsny is saying goodbye to the Polish national team. Lewandowski does not intend to do this and perhaps the scenario in which he fights for a place in the World Cup, which will take place two years, will actually come true. The FC Barcelona player may be one of the few older players in the team, because young players are increasingly coming to the fore. Examples of this are Kacper Urbański and Nicola Zalewski.

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