Karol Kłos’ video is a real hit. He conducted a survey among representatives of Poland

Karol Kłos' video is a real hit.  He conducted a survey among representatives of Poland

The fact that Karol Kłos is a good spirit of the Polish national team has been known for a long time. Now he also decided to become a vlogger and influencer, as evidenced by the video published on his Instagram. In his survey, the other volleyball players had to face a difficult question.

The fact that Polish volleyball players are just preparing for the upcoming European Championships means that it is a difficult and intense training period for them. Despite this, Nikola Grbic’s charges also have free time between classes, which they use, simply having fun in their own company. This is best illustrated by the video posted by Karol Kłos on his Instagram.

Karol Kłos conducted a survey among Polish volleyball players

This volleyball player is extremely active in social media, for which his fans de facto love him. The new center of Asseco Resovia participates in them very often, and his photos and videos usually contain a dose of a good sense of humor, jokes and positive energy. That’s why he evokes so much sympathy. This time, Kłos also made Internet users laugh.

An experienced player decided to conduct a survey among his teammates. The question was not easy, because in the answers the White and Reds had to point to each other.

Karol Kłos poll: which Polish volleyball player is the most handsome?

The question invented by Kłos was: which Polish volleyball player is the most handsome? Jakub Kochanowski was the first to share his type, pointing to Tomasz Fornal, who was sitting next to him. He chose his roommate, Bartosz Kurek. The captain of the Polish national team made a joke about his younger colleague, looking eloquently in his direction, and then chose Bartosz Bednorz.

The attacker of ZAKSY Kędzierzyn-Koźle chose Mateusz Bieńek, and Norbert Huber … the author of the survey, Karol Kłos. Much laughter was caused by Wilfredo Leon’s answer. “Definitely not me,” he said, then, with a gentle suggestion from behind the camera, pointed to Huber.

The video published by the legend of Skra Bełchatów quickly became an Internet hit. As you can guess, probably not the last one, as it seems we should expect another poll in the coming days. “Do you have any idea for the next question?” Kłos added under the video.

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