Legia Warszawa disappears from the map. The fall of a successful club

Legia Warszawa disappears from the map.  The fall of a successful club

Polish volleyball players are competing to advance to the Olympic Games. Right after their return, the volleyball players will go to their clubs. Until recently, a distinguished club competed at the back of PlusLiga. The eight-time Polish champion has fallen and is now going out of business, causing sadness among volleyball fans.

The Polish volleyball team wants to follow in the footsteps of Stefano Lavarini’s team and advance to the Olympic Games as early as possible. They have already taken the first step, although it did not come easily. For now, volleyball players are focusing on national team games, but many of them have thought that they will have a league season right after returning to the country. Due to the fact that it is the Olympic season, competitors in Poland can expect tiring competitions.

Legia Warszawa withdraws from volleyball competitions

This year’s PlusLiga promises to be exciting. In turn, the Premier League’s facilities are already fully competitive. The third round is underway in the Tauron 1. Liga. This season, Legia Warszawa, which in recent years successfully performed at the second level of the league, is missing. Unfortunately, after the last season, the club from the capital of the country had to say goodbye to the competition and face the second league.

For many months, there has been talk about the club’s serious financial problems. Even though there was initially no club called Legia in the second league, the fans still felt that they had someone to support, because the MUKS Wojskowi Warszawa team was registered (Wojskowi is the nickname of Legia). Ultimately, the portal legionowcy.com informed that there would be no Military Personnel at the third level. Their place was taken by KS Błonie.

The achievements of Legia Warszawa volleyball team

Legia Warszawa volleyball team is one of the most distinguished Polish clubs. The Legionnaires are eight-time national champions who have won a total of 28 top league medals. To this should be added five Polish Cups. For many decades, the club’s colors were represented by recognized figures of Polish volleyball – Tomasz Wójtowicz, Mirosław Rybaczewski, and the currently active Andrzej Wrona, Piotr Nowakowski and Karol Kłos.

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