We won’t make mistakes anymore. Facebook and Instagram will tag content created by artificial intelligence

We won't make mistakes anymore.  Facebook and Instagram will tag content created by artificial intelligence

Content generated by artificial intelligence, published on Facebook and Instagram, is now to be marked in a special way so that no one mistakenly considers it as created by humans.

Over the last few months, artificial intelligence has developed to such an extent that it has become difficult for users to correctly distinguish it from human-made content on the Internet. This applies primarily to photographs, which in the case of slightly more advanced AI models are characterized by such a level of photorealism that they become virtually indistinguishable from reality.

Facebook and Instagram will flag AI-generated content

The Meta concern, i.e. the owner of, among others, popular social networking sites Facebook and Instagram, intends to make it easier for Internet users to recognize content generated by artificial intelligence.

The first changes in this area are to be introduced in the coming months, and will primarily concern all types of photographs and other images, such as drawings, portraits and other works created by human hands.

In order to develop and implement effective identification of content generated by artificial intelligence in its social media, Meta cooperates with appropriate organizations, such as the Partnership on AI.

Users tag AI content themselves

Meta will add additional functions on Facebook and Instagram related to marking published multimedia, so that users can inform other people that a given video or audio material was created using artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, special labels and visible or invisible watermarks with appropriate information will appear on content generated with the use of AI. Meta itself will also be able to place this type of marking itself if it considers that the user has not sufficiently fulfilled his obligation.

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